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No sign of missing crew as Urk shrimp boat may have been found

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A fishing boat in Urk harbour. Photo:

The Urk shrimp boat which went missing in the North Sea off the coast of Texel on Thursday may have been located on the sea bed, Dutch media report.

Navy divers have not yet been able to go down to the wreck to find out if it is the missing boat, which was located by sonar.

In addition, there is no sign of the two-man crew, both of whom were said to be experienced fishermen and who came from the close-knit village. An empty life raft and a life jacket have been found.

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‘The impact on the community is enormous,’ acting mayor Ineke Bakker told broadcaster NOS. ‘Everyone is involved with this in some way.’

The boat was reported missing in the early hours of the Thursday morning, when the automated alarm was sent out. The alarm is only activated when it comes in contact with water.

Other fishing boats and a minesweeper from the Den Helder navy base were involved in the search operation.

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