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Den Bosch has the proudest residents, big cities are out of favour

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Den Bosch locals are the most proud of their city. Photo:

Utrecht is the only one of the big four Dutch cities to make a new ranking of the top 10 cities with the proudest populations.

Utrecht hits the main list, compiled by brand consultancy Hendrik Beerda in ninth place, sandwiched between Breda and Apeldoorn. Rotterdam has now outstripped Amsterdam to take 11th place while the capital is 13th. The Hague languishes in 17th position.

Top of the ranking with the proudest locals is Den Bosch, followed by Maastricht and Groningen. Den Bosch residents praise their city’s decent nature, atmosphere and cultural offerings. Maastrichtenaren are most proud of the city’s architecture while Groningers opt for public safety.

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‘People feel more at ease in the smaller cities and have better ties to their fellow residents,’ compiler Hendrik Beerda said. ‘For example,  people in The Hague continue to give their fellow citizens the lowest rating.’

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