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Train disruption, heavy police presence as man arrested at Eindhoven station

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Heavily armed police have arrested a man who was on board a train at Eindhoven railway station.

Eyewitnesses report a heavy police presence at the station and on board the train, which came from Rotterdam or The Hague. Armed police in full combat gear went through each carriage, ordering passengers to put their hands in the air, to refrain from laughing and to put their phones away.

Station Eindhoven AT onderzoekt trein vanuit Den Haag

— Andre (@Andre09870001) November 14, 2019

Another witness told that passengers were forced to go down stairs and that sniffer dogs had been brought in.

According to local news organisation PZC, the man who was arrested was aged around 35. Local police said on Twitter the man had been arrested in connection with an ongoing inquiry by another police force.

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Train services began getting back to normal around 7.30pm.

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