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Stalker who murdered school girl faces 20 years in jail, psychiatric prison

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Statue of justice.


The man who murdered a 16-year-old girl in the bike sheds next to her school after stalking her for months should be jailed for 20 years, followed by psychiatric prison, the public prosecution department said on Friday.

Bekir E is on trial for killing the girl just 45 minutes before she was due to meet police to talk about being stalked.

In September, an official report into the murder said the police and social services showed ‘serious shortfalls’ in the way they protected Humeyra Ergincanli, after she reported being threatened by her former boyfriend.

Officials showed ‘insufficient care’ for the girl’s protection and failed to share information about how she was being stalked, the report said.

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Bekir E, who had been given a suspended jail term and banned from contacting the girl in August last year, has admitted the murder, saying he was under the influence of cocaine at the time and did not intend to kill her.

Humeyra had a short relationship with him, but broke if off after discovering he was 30.

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